About OFOC!


The founders

OFOC! was founded and is led by Femi Oluwole, Lara Spirit, Will Dry, and Calum Millbank-Murphy. It now has over a hundred leaders at each university, and others mobilising young people in work, at school, or in training.




“Students have historically been at the forefront of progressive social change. There remains a concerted effort among the students of today to continue campaigning against a number of the crises facing our country. But Brexit affects all of these, and not for the better. So far the voices of the youth on Brexit - the worst inheritance deal in peacetime history - have been disparate and easy to ignore. I hope you can join our campaign to change this.”




“I voted Leave in the first referendum. I changed my mind, very simply, because much of what the Leave campaign said would happen, has not happened. As a country, we are already poorer and less influential - and once Brexit happens we will be more so. I am a little embarrassed for believing what they said. I am not embarrassed about changing my mind, and doing all I can to make up for my mistake. This campaign will do all it can to mobilise the young against Brexit. Why? Because we are best placed to convince Jeremy Corbyn, and then the soft Leavers. We can do this!" 



Femi oluwole


"Politicians failed this country by not giving them the facts about the EU that I learned in law school. I've worked in the field of European human rights since 2015, seeing first hand the value the organisation brings to this country.

By anyone's maths, the population that will be dealing with Brexit in just 5 years time will be one that voted remain in 2016. That's an injustice I can't ignore. It's why I quit my traineeship at the EU agency for Fundamental Rights, because even though it was my dream role, if I didn't do everything in my power to prevent Brexit, I would never forgive myself. "


Calum Millbank-Murphy


"Brexit represents the erosion of the social fabric and conscience of the UK. Having grown up on a council estate in north London, having been a recipient of the welfare state, and having had to use emergency services such as the NHS, or the Womens Crisis Emergency Shelters when my pregnant mother was being abused by her partner, I can whole heartedly condemn anyone who claims that Brexit will make our country and society stronger.  The economic blow of Brexit will result in the stripping back of public services, which will make life harder for those already at a disadvantage. This is why we have to stop it."


Chair, OFOC! Global
Founding Chair, OFOC! UK

We were lucky enough to begin this adventure with Felix Marquardt, who leant us his expertise on youth movements and politics more broadly to help us get off the ground. Felix worked tirelessly on getting our voices out there; whether it be the press events he so aptly coordinated, the effort to get our manifesto in The Guardian and our first column in The Independent, or the more creative and innovative eye which found its way into so many of our original ideas – OFOC UK would not be what it is without him. Sadly for us, Felix is needed elsewhere: he is currently working on an exciting new book, and has had to take a step back from the campaign. We will continue to pester him for advice on all things OFOC, leaning as we have done on his wonderful think-tank, Youthonomics, and harbour hopes that we can continue working together in the future. Felix remains the Chair of OFOC Global.

The team



Content contributer

"I'd not considered myself politically engaged before Brexit - to some extent, I still don't. But Brexit was different. The vote was the first time that I'd thought seriously about myself as European; about Britain's relationship to the rest of the world. OFOC are doing important work in giving our generation a voice - please sign up to be a part of it."