Our very own American nightmare

It’s time the prime minister elect was exposed for his racist, sexist and homophobic views. Today, we took our message to Boris Johnson’s constituency.

A ridiculous mop of hair isn’t the only thing Johnson and President Trump have in common. Trump is known for his divisive politics and his frequent attacks on women, people of colour, or anyone who disagrees with him. Johnson has also made numerous racist and sexist comments. His campaign for Prime Minister, much like Trump’s presidential campaign, has been based around tired xenophobic tropes. He regularly lies to the public and the press. Boris Johnson truly wants to Make Britain Hate Again.

Femi Oluwule did not hold back: "Donald Trump and Boris Johnson have the same political playbook. They stoke division, pick on Muslims and minorities, and have both lied their way to power.”

That’s why OFOC have begun a campaign to publish this image around the country. It starts in Uxbridge, but we want young people everywhere to see it. Johnson (and Trump) don’t represent our values: we want to live in a country where our differences are celebrated, not used by politicians to divide us. We want you to be part of this campaign. To get your stickers and help spread the message, please click here: ofoc.co.uk/merch

Just last night, a crowd at a Trump rally screamed “send her back”, in reference to the President saying she (and three other congresswomen of colour) should “go back” to the countries they came from, despite three of them being born in the US. In the UK, Brexit has been a ‘major influence’ on the rise of racism and race-related hate crimes.

The political landscape created by Brexit has given the far right a new lease of life. With Johnson as Prime Minister, this will only get worse. What else can we expect under a man who has called black people 'picaninnies' with 'watermelon smiles'?