Battle Bus draws crowds in North West campaign

OFOC’s been touring the country the last few weeks, and thanks to a lot of sharpies and a wave of enthusiasm, the battle bus is now adorned with over 3,000 signatures (not that we’re counting). After a lot of dodgy food, some interesting evening drinks, and asking the question “Hate Brexit?” approximately a million times, we’ve come back. And we’ve already completed the next tour - but first, here’s how things went in the North West.

As the battle bus came into sight in Liverpool, hope wasn’t just in the name of the university. The weather was beautiful, the students friendly, and the signups frequent. We changed some minds - thanks Joe from Corby - and had some great pints in the evening with the people who came down for the social in the evening. Great campaign stop.

Manchester was, flat-out, the best day of campaigning I’ve ever had. The hyperlapse below sums it up - but doesn’t quite capture how hectic things got on the hour every hour, as lectures finished and what felt like thousands of students descended on the bus - our brexitometer ran out of space, we ran out of stickers, and our leaflet stocks fell low. Some of the best conversations were with people who we disagreed with: always respectful, always fact-based, always enlightening.

Next was Edge Hill university. It was quiet and beautiful at first, and then somewhat less quiet - People’s Vote campaigners turned up to help out, and we soon had a steady stream of people coming across campus to sign the bus and get involved.

We finished up at Trafford College, Altrincham. On another gorgeous day, we chatted to some of the younger future members of the campaign. Sixth-formers and those in further education are hugely important for the movement, and they showed their political interest - four are coming down for Parliament Takeover!

All in all, it was a hugely successful tour. We started whatsapp groups with dozens of members, signed up hundreds of people as volunteers, and talked to thousands and thousands of young people. Stay tuned for the next one.

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