Doire Finn

OFOC Northern Ireland Team

Since the beginning of the Brexit campaign, I have been concerned that the way it has been run has the potential to cause huge social and political problems, particularly for Northern Ireland. Growing up in a border community, from a young age it has been apparent that the politics of Northern Ireland are not easy, and I feel as though Brexit has the real potential to derail years of progress that have been made.

This campaign allows young people to have their say on an issue which will have a huge impact on all of our futures. By campaigning for a referendum on the final Brexit “deal”, and hopefully then campaigning to persuade people that Brexit would be a step in the wrong direction, we are also giving power back to all the people in Northern Ireland who are being forced to leave a union in which they voted to Remain.

Northern Ireland is a very special case in the situation we are facing and the severity of the consequences for every citizen living here is not being treated with the sensitivity and care it should be. I am hoping to help represent the views of those who need to have their voices heard – and to ultimately help build a future which is prosperous, peaceful and one in which all views of our society are represented.