Duck Business

We're in the middle of a Tory leadership campaign. Again. And with Boris Johnson ducking TV debates and avoiding scrutiny at every opportunity we felt it was time to take the debate to his doorstep. 

Last Thursday, a twenty-strong team of Our Future, Our Choice activists descended on Boris Johnson's leadership campaign HQ, and our visit did not go unnoticed.

We deployed 2,000 ducks with the hashtag #BoJoNoShow because we believe Boris Johnson is ducking the British people and the Brexit reality in his bid to become Prime Minister.

A sea of yellow soon flooded this usually quiet Westminster street ona sunny Thursday afternoon. Passers-by stopped to take photographs as OFOC activists shouted 'BoJo No Show' and 'Where's Boris?' in reference to the Prime Minister hopeful ducking countless opportunities for his Brexit plan to be scrutinised. 

Our activists highlighted our concerns over the lack of clarity Johnson has given so far in terms of outlining his Brexit policy, as well as his failure to debate fellow leadership rival, Jeremy Hunt.

Our Future, Our Choice campaigner Ed Shackle said "As a Conservative member, I find it deeply upsetting that Boris Johnson is trying to become Prime Minister whilst ducking the British people and the Brexit reality. How can we trust him to lead until he starts engaging with the general public and confronting the reality of the Brexit mess?"

Amongst the sea of yellow ducks, I was also somehow convinced into dressing up as Boris Johnson, complete with a blonde wig, a face mask of the man himself and a couple of Union flags to wave aimlessly in the air.

Our stunt was featured in the Financial Times and the Guardian and we also made a lovely appearance in the Daily Express, who complained about the adoption of single-use plastic ducks. For those concerned  - don't worry. All 2,000 were gratefully received by seven local primary schools and nurseries the following day.