Young People of Lincoln Stand Up

OFOC headed to Lincoln on the 12th September to ask young people what they think about Brexit.

The county of Lincolnshire recorded the UK’s highest Brexit vote in 2016. Voters in the city of Lincoln gave Leave 56.9% of their vote, but neighbouring towns such as Boston and Skegness were even more resolute - 75.6% of Boston voted Leave, making it the most pro-Brexit town in Britain.

At the Speaker’s Corner in Lincoln, OFOC assembled a large ‘letter’, a vast assortment of card reaching over 4 metres wide pieced together and addressed to the local MP, Karen Lee.

Following the words, ‘Dear Karen, this is what we think Brexit means for the future of young people in Lincoln’ young people wrote dozens of messages to their MP and pinned them to the large letter. We later delivered this to the constituency office before an event in a local youth centre, where Femi spoke to young people about their concerns and how they can mobilise against Brexit in Lincoln.

Young people’s concerns were clear, the messages included one which read ‘I was 2 weeks off being able to vote in the referendum. I would have voted Remain’.

We were struck by how many young people in Lincoln spoke about the dislocation they felt with politics in Westminster. They were just as concerned about the uncertainty of a blind Brexit, but there was a sense that their voices would mean nothing to politicians making the big decisions on the biggest issue of a generation.

We hope we sent a clear message to Karen Lee: young people in Lincoln do not want Brexit, and their voices must form a much bigger part of the debate in the next few months than they have done until now. We came away with a number of incredibly enthusiastic young people who are keen to get involved with the campaign, and we are confident that they can make make an impact on their MP leading into the autumn.