MPs Respond to OFOC's Week of Action

Over the past 7 days, OFOC volunteers across the country have made their voices heard as part of our Week of Action.

Thousands of postcards and petition signatures have made their way to MPs, urging them to recognise the threat that Brexit poses to the future of young people in the UK and support a People's Vote.

Opportunity, prosperity, freedom, clarity - the postcards sent to MPs drew attention to a whole range of reasons why a People's Vote is needed.

Whatever your reasons, the impact of the Week of Action has been immediate: check out the responses of MPs David Drew and Rachael Maskell to the concerns raised by young people.

But it doesn't stop here: email your MP, write to them, visit them at their surgeries. It only takes 30 seconds to contact them through Write this Wrong, so make sure they know that young people want a People's Vote on Brexit.

Make your voice heard and contact your MP today.