New poll reveals overwhelming and growing support for EU among young people

78% of young people would vote to remain in the EU, according to a landmark poll by YouGov. The survey of 1645 people aged 18-24 also revealed that 64% are “absolutely certain to vote” in a referendum on EU membership.

Support is highest among those who didn't get a vote in 2016: 84% claim that they would now vote to remain a member of the EU. 91% of young Labour voters, meanwhile, would vote Remain.

“This poll shows that young people believe only a People’s Vote can safeguard their futures,” said OFOC chief spokesperson Femi Oluwole. Young people blame the government for the Brexit shambles and the polls show that this generation will follow through by punishing MPs at the ballot box.”

“Young people don’t want to live in a Britain that will result in a fewer jobs, a broken NHS, higher taxes, and no future for their children. But that is exactly what this poll shows they believe will happen after Brexit. There’s only one answer - a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal.”

Not only are young voters turning against Brexit, but through demographic shifts the UK will support remain as a nation by January 2019. The original majority of 1,269,501 is falling by 1,350 votes every day – meaning it will have disappeared completely two months before the official Brexit date.

Trust in the establishment is low: only 21% of young people are confident that the government will take the right decisions on Brexit, and only 27% trust parliament.

“Young people are mobilising like never before," said OFOC co-president Lara Spirit. We are growing a grassroots network of activists that spans both major university campuses but also several regions that voted heavily to Leave. Young people across all walks of life are united in their opposition to Brexit - they do not want to inherit and live with this mess.”