OFOC battle bus launches with Loughborough campaign

Our Future, Our Choice has launched a battle bus.

Addressed to MPs, it recognises the concerns of 77% of young people who don't want Brexit and asks politicians to stand up for our future on Brexit.

First stop, Loughborough. Nicky Morgan MP joined us at the university for a Brexit Q&A, responding to the questions of young people and clarifying her stance on the government's deal.

A packed out hall expressed their concerns about the underrepresentation of an entire generation who don't want Brexit.

In the town centre, activists then met with local residents to gauge public opinion on the campaign for a final say on Brexit.

The results from our Brexitometers were overwhelming: clear majorities across multiple surveys showed that people did not believe that Theresa May's deal was good for the country or that Brexit would not be good for young people.

Residents were also emphatic: MP Nicky Morgan should back a People's Vote on the final deal.

By launching the battle bus, we’re focusing the mind of the country on one key point: young people didn’t vote for this, and they shouldn’t have to live with it.

Our message goes out to MPs: please don’t throw us under the bus.

Tell your MP you want a People's Vote on Brexit.