Parliament takeover sees hundreds of young people lobby their MPs

On Tuesday, young people travelled from every corner of the United Kingdom to take over the central lobby of Parliament. 150 OFOC supporters, having spent hours on buses, trains and planes, arrived at Westminster for 10am to give their MPs a simple message.

The Brexit deal that Theresa May is trying to ram through Parliament fails us. It doesn’t provide us security for our futures. It doesn’t guarantee the same rights that we’ve previously enjoyed. It threatens environmental protections. It threatens our families, our friendships, our relationships. It’s worse than the deal our parents and grandparents have enjoyed for 40 years.

After signing the now infamous OFOC Battle Bus, young people headed over to Parliament to queue for an almost an hour to make sure their MP knew how serious they were about the matter of a People’s Vote.

Over the last few months, countless young people have been ignored by their political representatives. Our activists have asked MPs to listen to us, to hear our views and to take them seriously. Though individuals have welcomed our voices, as a whole those in Parliament have not been listening. We have had countless requests to meet ignored. Emails and letters have gone unanswered.

But travelling all the way to Westminster, our young activists came to tell them in person that we won’t stand for it.

Emailing, tweeting, calling and ‘green carding’ our MPs from inside Parliament, we were met with a spectrum of responses. Though some of us were wrongfully ignored (with some MPs left red faced...), over 30 MPs came down to meet their young constituents.

With slightly more heated exchanges as Jacob Rees-Mogg passed us in the lobby, overwhelmingly our activists were met with respect and consideration from the MPs.

Some meeting for the first time, some for the second or third, all MPs took away our message. Young people are serious about our futures and we won’t stop fighting for them.

Tell your MP how you feel about Brexit: contact them in under a minute through #NotBuyingIt