People's Boat launched on the Thames

Last Thursday, young people made waves as Parliament reeled at the fallout from Theresa May's vote of confidence and the pulled meaningful vote.

OFOC activists braved the chilly December weather to motor up the Thames on a tug once named ‘Rebel’ but nicknamed ‘Votey McVoteface’ for the day. Warm support was received from passing ships and onlooking commuters.

Floating next to Parliament, we metaphorically threw MPs a lifeline - a way out of the gridlock that it faces on Brexit. The way out is to put the decision back into the hands of the people, with a People’s Vote.

The crew was made up of young people, as well as (thankfully) a real captain. We hope that MPs have absorbed our message. If they somehow did not hear us, they certainly could not avoid us on the news...

Parliament is floundering. The Conservative Party is at war with itself. The People’s Boat offered a whimsical reminder of a serious message - the country is drowning under the weight of Brexit. In order to float, we must vote.

Taking a brief break from the megaphone, Femi Oluwole said:

This boat offered Parliament a life-line away from the Titanic disaster that is this Brexit deal. It offered a realistic way out - not a dead-in-the-water Norway, nor a no deal that would sink the country.

"Theresa May’s government is floundering. Her Brexit plan has sunk without trace and she’s up a creek without a paddle. She needs to go full steam ahead to a People’s Vote: the only way out of this Brexit mess.

"For young people, this is a sink or swim moment. Under this deal they wouldn't be waving, but drowning, and that’s why they’re calling in huge numbers for a People’s Vote.”

Tell your MP you think a People's Vote is the #OnlyWayForward