Poll shows those too young to vote in 2016 overwhelmingly support Remain

New polling carried out by BMG on behalf of OFOC and FFS shows overwhelming support among those too young to vote in 2016 for a People’s Vote on the final Brexit deal - 74% want the opportunity to vote.

Excluding don’t knows, 84% would prefer to remain in the European Union. In a referendum between the deal that has been negotiated and remaining in the European Union, of those certain to vote, 87% would vote to remain.

73% think it would be unfair if the UK leaves the EU without them being able to vote on the issue.

In a startling finding for British democracy and the state of Parliament’s outreach to young voters, only 4% have had contact with their MP about Brexit.

Only 2% of those too young to vote in 2016 think Britain’s standing in the world has increased since 23rd of June 2016.

Of those who express a preference, 92% would prefer to keep freedom of movement, while those who would be angry if the UK leaves the EU over the next few months without a public vote outnumber those who would be happy by more than 6-1.

BMG also polled those who didn’t vote in 2016. 67% are personally in favour of remaining in the EU: of those who would vote in a referendum held today, 68.5% would vote to remain. 60% would support a public vote on the Brexit deal.

Dismayed by the findings? Get involved: we're launching a campaign to visit 100 universities and further education colleges in 100 days. In addition, we're mustering hundreds of young people for a mass lobby on Wednesday 27th of February in the Houses of Parliament.

Our co-founder Lara Spirit said: "It's great that we were able to poll a group that isn't talked about enough in the Brexit debate - those who didn't get a vote because they were too young. It's shocking that only 4% of them have heard from their MP about Brexit.

The government hasn't done anything to address young people's concerns around Brexit - that's why we're more united on the issue than on anything else. We're taking over parliament on Wednesday to show politicians how much we care"

FFS supporter Kira Lewis, 18, said: "This polling shows what we already know - that with Brexit yet to be decided, the two million young people who haven’t had their voices heard want a people’s vote, and to stay in the European Union.

Young people are rightly furious, watching older generations take our futures away from us, and we will be marching on 23rd March to demand a people’s vote"

Read the full results of the BMG Polling here.