Volunteer Guidelines


At our national events there will always be various members of OFOC HQ who are DBS checked and will make themselves known as point-people. Please direct any queries or complaints to them.

When engaging with the public or politicians, as a representative of OFOC we expect all activists to never take an overly-confrontational approach. If we deem you to be acting inappropriately we may ask you to leave an event. Likewise, if you ever in a situation that makes you feel uncomfortable with a member of the public you can walk away and you should inform your team leader or member of OFOC HQ who can deal with the situation.

We encourage young local volunteers to meet and work with each other, sometimes through our introduction. We will never encourage you to meet with someone else on your own unless we have had a significant working history with them. Though the event of a dangerous situation is highly unlikely, we recommend always meeting as a group in a public space. We will never encourage under-18s to meet with volunteers who we have not met and had a significant working history with.  

Harassment or abuse online

Whilst we make every effort to protect young people online, it is the unfortunate reality that due to our very public platform sometimes volunteers see abuse or harassment left as comments on our page directed at them.

If you see any abuse aimed at you from our platform or affiliate platforms (local OFOC twitter pages for example), for example of a racist, homophobic or sexist nature, it is not your responsibility to deal with it.

If you feel comfortable please flag the comments to us by emailing with details. We will advise you on the best way to proceed and work with you or report it to the police or social media platforms as appropriate on your behalf.

We take every report seriously, and will never do anything without your permission. If you see anything that makes you feel uncomfortable please do not hesitate in reporting it to us.

Social media chats and groups

We are lucky to have a variety of social media chats, particularly localised whatsapp chats with a number of young people in them to organise action.

It is your responsibility as an OFOC activist to always act appropriately in these groups and not post anything that could be deemed inappropriate or offensive to young people. Though we encourage political debate, please be aware that we are strictly a cross-party campaign and the chats should be welcoming to all.

There will always be a member of OFOC HQ in every chat who will be an admin. If you ever see anything makes you feel uncomfortable please report it to

We will take a strict policy to any inappropriate behaviour in our social media chats and remove offenders from the chats immediately if deemed necessary at our discretion.

Videos for social media

We will always ask your explicit consent to release videos of you on our social media. This will either be through a consent form or a freely given statement expressing your consent recorded on camera at the beginning or end of your video. If you have any concerns regarding consent for social media videos please contact

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