OFOC gives the shambolic government help with their Brexit Stockpile

OFOC activists lent the government a hand today: because of Theresa May’s shambolic Brexit, Britain is the only developed country in the world to be stockpiling food and medicine, so we went along to help.

The group gathered outside the Department for Health and Social Care to make our own stockpile of essential supplies: we hoped they would be ‘adequate’ as Dominic Raab said to the Brexit Select Committee last month. Tins were offered to civil servants to assist them in their stockpiling work.  Placards bore the telling slogan ‘no-one voted for stockpiling.’


By stockpiling this on the government’s doorstep, we drew attention not only to how their incompetence endangers the citizens of this country, but also to how their Brexit is so far removed from what was promised to voters in 2016 that the democratic mandate to do so is void.

Afterwards, all the food was donated to a local foodbank: it is outrageous and shameful that a few hundred metres from government offices and the Palace of Westminster, families should be having to rely on them.

Femi said: “The Government’s plan is for Great Britain to ‘Stockpile and Survive’ during a no deal, which is to say - there is no plan at all. If the Government isn’t going to say no to no-deal Brexit, then OFOC is here to help with the medical supplies the nation needs.”