Tens of thousands of young people march on Westminster for a People's Vote

And so we marched. We marched for the future. We marched away from the past. We marched to show our commitment to a set of ideals that we’re in danger of losing. We marched for informed consent. We marched against this mess; against cynicism; against misplaced nostalgia. We marched from every corner of this United Kingdom to the doorsteps of power, and showed them what power exists in the hands of the people.

And there were 700,000 of us. The number, when it first started filtering through, was both astonishing and utterly, utterly predictable. We shouldn’t have expected any less - the march has captured the national mood: an overwhelming sense of quiet anger at the state of the government and their negotiations.

When I got to Parliament Square, I had friends who couldn’t get off Park Lane. The front that we had planned, made up of 10,000 young people from all across the UK, was caught up in the sheer mass of humanity up and down Piccadilly. But as the head of the march began to move, with the sun out and members of Our Future, Our Choice leading the line, it marked the start of the second largest demonstration this century.

Young people were front and centre of the march. We were hailed by Sadiq, backed by the politicians on stage, and then had our own opportunity to have our say. OFOC NI’s very own Doire Finn made a speech which had even the jaded photographers at the front misty-eyed. Saturday was a triumph: a measurable indicator of the progress that OFOC and the whole People’s Vote campaign has made in the last few months.

But we can’t get complacent. The best thing about the march was that it was action oriented. 700,000 people were given the next steps, elevated and empowered to be campaigners themselves. So it’s up to all of us now to show that this wasn’t a flash in the pan; to write to our MPs; to sign up our friends; to DEMAND a final say on Brexit from the elected officials who have the power to give it to us.

It’s up to you. Will you help to make the change you want to see?

Tell your MP that you want a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal.