The Battle Bus in Brussels: OFOC dismantles the deal

On Saturday, Our Future, Our Choice took the Battle Bus to Brussels. Destination? The European Commission, where Theresa May was signing away our generation's future.

Over fifty young people from London, and many more local to Brussels, endured the freezing cold to rally around Lara Spirit and Femi Oluwole, who gave inspiring speeches that provoked cheers and rounds of applause from the gathered crowd.

Andrew Adonis also spoke with passionately, and with conviction, giving our Battle Bus another moniker: The Truth Bus!

After the main rally, we decided express ourselves and our attitudes towards Theresa May’s poor excuse for a Brexit deal more vividly. In a co-ordinated tableau, we set about symbolically destroying the deal in as many ways as possible: garden shears to prune away any obfuscating language designed to leave us in the dark, and a blowtorch to provide the light we need to find our way back into the open arms of our European neighbours.

Next, the Battle Bus conclusively crushed the deal under its wheels of progress while we scattered its torn-up pages to the four winds (of course, we made sure to clear up the debris!).

Finally, with a sledgehammer we drove home the final nails into the Brexit’s coffin (remind anyone of an earlier stunt?), and then gave it the resting place it so richly deserves: a bin.

There is no avoiding the fact that the Prime Minister has signed off a deal that will leave our generation poorer and with fewer opportunities. Our generation will not forgive or forget those who support any such deal, and we will keep protesting until we get a People's Vote.

Young people spoke out on Sunday, and they were heard all across Europe. Make no mistake, this is a movement unlikely to grow old any time soon.

Tell your MP that you want a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal.