The Poll

The Poll

We commissioned a poll with Youthonomics and YouGov asking questions about the Labour Party and Brexit. It showed that a pro-Brexit Labour party wins 34% points of support less than an anti-Brexit Labour Party would among under 40s who voted Remain. The drop in support, from 73% to 39%, of its core base, represents a clear and present danger to the party's future if it maintains its current stance. 

It also revealed that a Labour party opposed to Brexit would win more support than a Labour party in favour of Brexit going ahead with every age group, gender, social class, and region.

These facts, and our passionate arguments and campaigning, will convince Jeremy Corbyn to jump off the fence on Brexit, and to jump onto our side of the fence. 

Furthermore, among 18-24 year olds, 54% think Brexit will have a negative impact on them, whilst just 11% think it will be positive. 

40% of 18-24 year olds would be willing to campaign against Brexit in some form in the coming months. We will tap into this pessimism and desire for change.