Write to your MP

Use our template to let your MP know you support a vote on the Brexit deal.

On October 20th this year, over 700,000 of you marched on Parliament to demand a People's Vote. Over 940,000 people have already signed a petition demanding a People's Vote. The momentum is building. 

However, if we are going secure a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal, we need to demand it from politicians and show there is widespread support across the country for it. Will you take a moment to email your local MP and demand a People's Vote now?

Use the form to enter your postcode to find your local MP and send them an email telling them how you feel. A template email is provided but please personalise it with your own thoughts on Brexit.

Tips for writing an email to your MP:

  • Include your full addressMPs usually request a full address so they know you're definitely a constituent of theirs. For ease, our form just takes your postcode, so be sure to add your full address to the email.

  • Be polite. Whichever way you voted at the last election, please be courteous even to those we may disagree with.

  • Tell them if you voted for them. MPs like to hear from a range of voices before making a decision.

  • Let them know you're a supporter of Our Future Our Choice. It really helps our campaign gain momentum.

  • Personalise. Most MPs filter out identical messages.