Young campaigners warn MPs of a “Brexit hangover” with bad deal

On Wednesday evening, OFOC and FFS activists headed to Downing Street to draw attention to the Brexit hangover MPs will face following the UK's departure from the EU.

The two youth movements part of the People’s Vote campaign performed the stunt outside Downing Street, where the Prime Minister was hosting a drinks reception in order to persuade MPs to back her bad Brexit Deal.

The young activists dressed as waiting staff, including white shirts and jackets, napkins and serving trays, and offered parched MPs a drink and a slice of cake. Members of Parliament were warned that voting for the government's deal will mean the “mother of all Brexit hangovers”.

Instead of MPs trying to have their cake and eat it, there should be a People’s Vote. While a suspiciously large number of MPs claimed to be carrying out “dry January”, the activists were not deterred.

MPs must be aware they will not be able to avoid the Brexit hangover that the UK will suffer for generations if we leave the EU with this terrible Brexit deal.

Whilst offering a strong drink to John Redwood MP, Ed Shackle said: “Nothing has changed - the deal will still fail to pass the house on Tuesday.

"But in case the Prime Minister thinks that MPs can be wined and dined into supporting her unacceptable deal, we’re here to remind them of the inevitable hangover. Not just for them, but for the whole country. This deal will leave young people chained to a future they didn’t vote for.”

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