Young people take centre stage at People's Vote rally

Hundreds of young people descended on Westminster Central Hall on November 13 to reject the disastrous Brexit deal proposed by the government and show their support for a People's Vote.

The packed out #NotBuyingIt rally in London was an overwhelming endorsement of a final say on Brexit, and puts further pressure on politicians to back a democratic vote.

Amongst the speakers was Labour MP David Lammy, who called on the government to give the decision back to the people or risk disenfranchising young people across the country.

"If you sign this deal," he told Conservatives, "you will lose the faith of this country for a generation."

Sarah McCluney, a motor vehicle apprentice from Northern Ireland, spoke on behalf of the overwhelming majority of young people who back a People's Vote. She asked older generations to support the campaign for the sake of their children:

"For those watching tonight, think of them and whether you'll be able to look your children in the eyes, knowing you did everything, fought with everything you had for their future's sake."

The rally saw MPs from across the political spectrum come together to reject either no deal or a bad deal, and endorse a People's Vote on Brexit.

The rally also saw the launch of Not Buying It!, making it easier than ever to contact your MP. Simply put in your postcode and it'll create an email template for you to tell them how you feel about Brexit.

Tell your MP you're Not Buying It: send them an email today