Young people's voices must be heard on Brexit.



Next week, MPs will decide whether Theresa May's deal to leave the EU is good enough for the country. 

The voices of young people must be heard - those who didn't vote last time, or whose voices haven't been heard by the government. MPs need to reject the deal and hold a People's Vote. Politicians need to focus on the other issues facing this country - an NHS limping from crisis to crisis, social mobility grinding to a halt and an increasingly expensive education system - but they can't do this while Brexit threatens to harm the people these crises hit hardest. 

  • We believe that there is no good Brexit deal for young people.


    Brexit means less opportunities, a tougher job market and fewer rights for young people.

    Our Future Our Choice is committed to a People's Vote on the final Brexit deal.


    Read our manifesto here to find out why.